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There is nothing that speaks better than the work itself.

Please enjoy the projects I have recently completed. Get a feel for how you could transform your own space. :)

Visit the ideas tab to find inspiration of what I could paint for you.


Jellyfish Washroom

This mural was created for an Air BnB in Ballard, WA. It was designed to mirror the blues used in the rest of the decor. The client wanted to have an ocean theme, so I thought a clean jellyfish design would work perfectly. The client and guests love that the mural emulates a Renee Erickson vibe.

See the mural in action here 


Jungle Washroom

I created this for my client who wanted a moody and relaxing washroom that would look good with gold fixtures. We based the theme from the introduction theme to the popular HBO show The White Lotus. The client especially loved the snakes and the bananas


Bird Washroom

A client came to me with a tablecloth that had been passed down from her Italian grandmother to her mother. The brown background melded perfectly with the dark warm woods of the washroom. The beautiful pastels and bird pattern from the tablecloth was brought to life in this mural, creating a perfectly relaxing space to take a bath and unwind after a long day. 


Deep Sea Washroom

I created this for my client who wanted a playful and immersive underwater washroom for their children. We based the theme from their favorite movie, Finding Nemo. The client especially loved the seahorses and the neon effect of the hot pink jellyfish.