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I want a mural... but how does it work?

First, send me an email! Let me know that you are interested in a mural and give me some ideas about the space you're thinking of having painted.

I'll ask you to send me a few inspiration ideas, screenshots, or colors you want.

I'll send you back some ideas I think match the vibe and style you want. 

I'll work with you to find a time that works for you for me to paint. I recommend finding a time you are comfortable with me painting for a long stretch of time when I will not be in your way. Maybe a day you will at the zoo for many hours, or even a weeked away, so I'm not in your hair and can paint for large chunks of time to finish quickly! 

Who buys the paint? I do! I will come with all supplies and will make sure your furniture, floors and carpets are protected. 

Then I will paint paint paint! 

Finally, you will enjoy your transfmormed space, and invite all your friends over to take photos and fawn over your new custom art piece. ;)

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